Nutella birthday cake

nutella cake

I thought I’d give the goodfood recipe for nutella cake a try, for my neice Eilidh’s seventh birthday tomorrow.  It was really easy to throw together and the yummy nutella layer in the middle was fun to swirl into the cake.

It was very hard to resist having a wee lick of the nutella or chocolate butter icing bowls afterwards though…it must be an impossible task being a diabetic baker!  I might allow myself a wee slice of cake tomorrow (my mum is making one too!)…purely for standard testing purposes of course, even though it will no doubt make my lunchtime test sky high…I have had no cake or sweet food for almost three weeks now…and this will likely be my last bit before the baby arrives in 8 or 9 weeks.  I am definitely making a big giant cake to celebrate once she is born!  Even if the diabetes turns out not to be gestational and doesn’t go away afterwards, at least I won’t have to worry about affecting anyone else with the occasional slice of cake!

I am so looking forward to seeing my sister and her lovely family tomorrow, it’s been a year and a half since I saw them last!  They are over for a wee visit from Bologna, somewhere I hope to visit one day with my own little family!  I hear they have good cake shops there…


Sushi time!



My husband wanted to make sushi today, which we haven’t made for ages (over two years!).  I couldn’t be bothered with all the fiddly rice making so he did that bit, then we both chopped up our own fillings and made our own rolls of sushi.  His had crab sticks and cream cheese (bleurgh! he seemed to like it though), and smoked salmon and cucumber with cream cheese (oh how I wanted to eat the smoked salmon!  Forbidden to me at the moment though!).  Mine were made with all the veggie bits; cucumber, avocado, red pepper, spring onion and carrot.  It was all super magnificent and very much worth his determination for us to make it! 🙂

back to the nappy drawing board…

I have decided to abandon the plan to get Chris out of nappies for a little while.  We managed 8 days and didn’t make much progress at all during that time, so I gave in to temptation and plonked him in a pair of pull ups for our family day out on Sunday, and he has been in nappies again since then.

It was so nice to go for a walk around the woods, have a picknick, take a ride on the tram, wander about town and go to a cafe for cake and tea, without having to carry around an entire wardrobe of clothes, a million spare pairs of pants and a toilet seat!  There was no having to constantly ask Chris if he needed a wee before, during or after going anywhere, no crouching uncomfortably in smelly cafe or department store toilets for ages whilst trying to persuade Christopher to pee as he attempted to unravel the toilet roll and repeatedly flush the toilet.  Even Chris seemed more carefree and happy wearing a nappy again!

It’s only been a week but it has felt like a month, I intended to persevere for as long as it took to get him toilet trained (I thought it might take a couple of weeks at the most!) but I soon realised that he just wasn’t ready yet.  He still doesn’t tell me when he needs to use the loo, and would constantly relieve himself wherever he was and whatever he was doing, without caring whatsoever or being in the slightest bit uncomfortable or disgusted with his sogginess or squishiness!  I knew it would be messy and not a whole bundle of fun for me, but I was prepared to clean up wee and poo as many times as it took if it meant no more nappies!

There were many many puddles, at least 12 pairs of soggy pants a day, and a couple of unfortunate incidents involving poo, the second of which make me crack and dig out the nappies!  The first was when I left the room for a short time and came back to find Chris had got creative with the suddenly accessible and unfamiliar contents of his pants.  He had ‘painted’ the wooden floor, leather sofa, white rug, tv screen and coffee table, as well as all over his legs, arms, clothes and hair!  That was certainly a unique and memorable experience for me to clean up.  I was grateful that we had an easy to clean floor and sofa! Even after that though I was prepared to continue with the plan…then on the last day, in the time it took for me to make myself a cup of tea he had got creative again in his bedroom, decorating the sides of his bed and the bedcovers!

Time to take a little break I think!  The nursery staff looked relieved when I told them Chris was back in nappies, despite them having been so keen for me to get him into pants!  I plan to have another crack at it during the summer holidays, hopefully when there are fewer appointments and things to attend and we can just concentrate on the job at hand!  He’s got enough on his plate at the moment anyway with hospital visits, blood tests, imminent scans and speech therapists and paediatricians asking him questions and testing and prodding him, as well as being dragged along to all my midwife appointments!

I just hope the second attempt in July is more successful, as I really would like him to be nappy free before I have a newborn to look after too!  But unless he starts miraculously communicating fluently in the next month and develops a dislike to wet and smelly trousers, I can’t see it happening then either!  Ah well, we’ll just have to take it as it comes and hope for the best!  It’s no great disaster if he insists on staying in nappies until he is four, just mildly annoying as far as my purse is concerned!


A very messy day…

I realise that there are very few people who would be interested in reading about my son’s toilet training experience, but I feel the need to record it in my blog anyway, if only to inspire myself to persevere and not give up…surely it will all settle down sooner or later and normality will return! I can look back on my blog posts and chortle to myself at the hilarity of it all at a future date!

This was day three of a pants wearing Christopher and it did not go as well as day two, during which two successful visits to the toilet were made amongst the numerous emergency clean-ups throughout the flat and around the zoo.  Much cheering and celebration dancing was done, and special Thomas the tank engine stickers stuck proudly to a wall chart, but all apparently was forgotten today when not a single pee or poo ended up in the toilet!

It’s so frustrating how only moments after I have managed to keep him sitting on the toilet for five to ten minutes using various forms of bribery (sweeties, story books, crisps, mobile phone games, singing etc.) he will pull up his pants and scamper off to another room to immediately relieve himself on the floor (or even more annoying, sometimes just in front of the toilet!).  I realise it’s all very weird to him at this stage though, and once he gets used to the feeling of using a toilet properly it should start getting easier and become completely normal,  I just have to keep up with the regular hourly fun sessions to the toilet for another week or so (or possibly several weeks, if what I’ve heard from parents of little boys is true!).

I had hoped that when he went off to nursery today he would suddenly see what it was he was supposed to do, after seeing all the other kids doing it!  But he emerged wearing a completely different outfit of clothes and with a bag of soggy clothing in his rucksack.  They don’t have the time to keep taking him to the loo, as they have so many children to look after!  They understandably rely on him coming to them beforehand to tell them that he needs to go and needs a bit of help, which so far he isn’t doing.  So he just gets wet (thank goodness that’s all they had to clear up, the alternative is something very special indeed to deal with, as I discovered three times today!).

I’m starting to recognise the little signs that he needs to go now though, so I’m watching him like a hawk when he’s at home (was relieved to have a couple of hours off wet/poo pants watching duty when he went to nursery today!).  Not quite sure what to do when out and about though!  I saw that he was needing a wee when we were halfway home from nursery today, but other than stripping him naked in the middle of the street and letting him pee on the pavement I couldn’t think what else to do before he soaked his trousers and had to walk the rest of the way home with a dark wet stain down the front of his pale grey joggers! (not that he cared a bit about this!).

Fingers crossed for a slightly less messy Tuesday!  I had no idea toilet training was such hard work!  Nappies seem so tempting as everything is nice and contained and manageable, but toilets have to be mastered at some point, and now is as good a time as ever!  I’ll just keep reminding myself of the extra £80 a month which I’ll have available to spend on nice things for him like books and clothes and trips out instead, once nappies, baby wipes and nappy bags have become a thing of the past! (for Christopher at least!).


First day of pants!




Today I decided to take the plunge and start Christopher wearing proper big boy pants, doing away with nappies once and for all (hopefully!).  He is now three years and eight months old…too old to still be wearing nappies!  I was putting it off until he could talk a bit more, and when he would be able to communicate with me when he actually needed to use the toilet (he only really started talking 8 months ago).  But with another one on the way in four months time (a little girl this time!), I’d rather not have to buy two sets of nappies!!

I thought that the discomfort of wet pants and trousers would be motivation enough for him to want to start relieving himself in an actual toilet instead of his clothes…but it seems he doesn’t care if he is wet, carrying on with whatever he is doing without a care, even having fun splashing in the puddles he has made!  (thankfully that’s all he produced today!)

It was a nice warm sunny day today, so I just let him potter about my parents garden all day in a t-shirt and pants, making changes into dry clothes a lot easier (especially when they apparently sometimes happen every hour or less!).  I kept persuading him to regularly sit on the toilet for a few minutes at a time (which I discovered could only be done with malteeser, hula hoop and sticker bribery!), but nothing happened!  Even when I somehow managed to get him to stay sat there for a quarter of an hour (!) using the enticement of my mobile phone to play cbeebies games, he just waited until he was back on his feet again before having a wee on the hallway floor!

I had hoped that there would be at least one toilet success on the first day, but no such luck.  Never mind, I’m pleased that he eventually agreed to sit on the loo for short periods of time (even if it did take an entire family sized pouch of malteesers! Not something I can keep up every day or he’ll be enormous!  Stickers from now on I think!).  I shall persevere tomorrow, and for the next week of nursery…where hopefully he’ll see the other kids using the toilets and get the idea a bit more quickly!

I wonder how long I should persevere with the nappies before giving up and accepting it can’t be done until he’s almost four years old?!  Arg! Most children are out of nappies by the age of two…that’s £15 a week for an extra two years…£1440 more that I’ll have had to have spent on nappies!  I really hope it’s true that little girls are out of nappies a lot sooner and more willingly than boys!!

wonky cake

34th cake

This is the wonky chocolate cake I spent all my spare time making for my husband’s 34th birthday today…although you wouldn’t think so to look at it!  He chose a recipe I’ve never made before from the goodfood site, and it didn’t end up looking anything like the picture!  Hopefully it tastes better than it looks!  It was supposed to look like this…

gf cake


It was stripy inside after all! 🙂

Butterfly cakes


I made these little butterfly fairy cakes for Christopher today, after he sat in a cafe with me and my mum this morning mournfully saying ‘noooo cake! noooo cake!’ over and over quietly to himself, due to the lack of cake to go with our tea (everything they sold had the risk of peanuts in it, due to one of their many cakes being peanuty!).  So hopefully these make him feel cake-happy again when he gets home from nursery today! 🙂  

Maybe I should start my own little peanut-free cake cafe one day!  It seems that no cafe I go to these days can guarantee their cakes and pastries to be peanut free, which is a shame.  There is always one peanuty thing which potentially contaminates all the other cakes!  I’m not just being a fuss-pot mum about this either, it’s a serious allergy and it’s really important that Chris avoids peanuts!  Just as well his mum is willing to keep him well supplied 😉


Mini muffin pizzas!

muffin pizzas

My first post in almost three months!  Thought I’d pop up a quick post about the little English muffin pizza-toasties I made for Christopher’s lunch today, simple cheese and tomato but something he has refused to eat until now!  It is the first new thing I have managed to tempt him to eat in a long time (he is going through a very picky phase!), and I was very pleased to have something new to make for him!

I am on a mission to try out some new recipes and ideas to get a bit of variety back into my family cooking, as it has become extremely boring for me to be making the same things over and over week after week!  (for Christopher that is, our adult meals are a bit more varied and adventurous!). I want to try out some more kiddie friendly recipes too, so all three of us can eat meals together sometimes, instead of me making two separate meals every night!

I haven’t been in the mood for cooking (or blogging, as you can see!) for the last three months due to having pretty bad morning sickness.  But now that it is starting to subside, the urge to cook and my interest in food is starting to return! 🙂  Let the kiddie-friendly foody experiments begin!!


I’ll be back!

So much for writing a blog post every week! It has been a strange and topsy turvy month for me though, and i do intend to be back posting things on my blog again in a wee while, once things have settled down again!

Christopher starts proper pre-school nursery this week, so it will be interesting to see how he finds it compared to the playgroup hall he has been going to for the last year. I really hope he finds it lots of fun! It’s much more structured in nursery with lots of group activities and games, which i think he is ready for now. He’s starting to get bored being stuck at home with his mum all week!

birthday bugs

Birthday apple tart made by my lovely mum (there was also a very lovely lasagne but I forgot to take a picture!)


Birthday carrot cake, made by my lovely Neil!


Birthday mushroom ramen at wagamama!


I thought I’d better write a little blogpost before my blog starts to gather too much dust or feel too neglected…I haven’t been able to write anything or take many pictures for the last couple of weeks due to yucky colds and bugs getting in the way!  Christopher had a cold on my birthday weekend, so we cancelled our plans and had a quick town together instead (which was nice too!).  My very talented pizza-making husband made me a yummy home made aubergine, garlic and pine nut pizza, and a birthday carrot cake :).

Then just as Chris was getting back to his normal happy self again that week I had to take him off to get his pre-school immunisations, four nasty things being pumped into this system all at once resulted in the following weekend being spent soothing a very feverish and unwell little boy.  We still managed to continue with the delayed birthday plans though thanks to the help of calpol and grandparent babysitting services!  A four hour trip up town on Saturday for just myself and Neil, and had a lovely lunch at wagamama.  Then a lovely lasagne and fancy apple tart lunch made by my mum on Sunday!

Then Chris caught another cold, maybe his body was so busy making antibodies for measles, mumps and rubella that it wasn’t concentrating on fighting off the playgroup germs!  There followed a week of coughing and very unhappy boy, and very little sleep.  We have barely left the flat all week, and our usual trips to playgroup and music group had to be cancelled. Then I caught his cold, which appears to be more like a flu now as absolutely everything in my body seems to be aching, even my teeth!  Now my husband seems to have caught it too!

All fun and games just now!  Never mind…hopefully we will all be back on our feet again next week!  I can’t wait to be able to taste and smell my food again!  It’s amazing how taking away the pleasure of cooking and eating can ruin your week, that’s the worst bit about colds for me!  Cooking is no fun when you can’t taste or smell the food, it’s just like shovelling different textured lumpy stuff into your mouth…a very effective diet though!